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Many kitchens use red for meat, yellow for chicken, green for veggies, and blue for fish and seafood. Continuous feed food processors allow you to constantly add food to the processing unit while it’s running. Burger Food Truck: Kitchen Equipment Checklist: Equipment: Cost: Purpose: 48″ – 60″ Flat Top Grill: $1,000 – $5,000: This is a versitile piece of equipment that can be used to cook hamburger patties, toast buns, eggs, potatoes and just about anything else. The layout of a commercial restaurant kitchen must be planned to … This will enable you to rustle up some stateside meals without having to go through the faff of converting the recipe’s ingredients. Keep in mind that any operation that uses heat to prepare food is required to have appropriate ventilation equipment installed. They use warm water to keep food in metal containers warm and at a safe temperature for hours at a time. Consider what tools you’d need to execute your entire menu in one shift. There’s no point buying a lot of items on the cheap but finding they break or become unusable after a short while. Kitchen Equipment • Oven – is a thermally insulated chamber used for baking and cooking. Join the fun. This model is a classic dredger design and is strong and high quality for a good price. Using tongs means you reduce the risk of damaging the meat as you might do by trying to slide a spatula underneath it. Mechanical equipment is a device that use energy to perform activity. Use them to cut strips of meat, or just quickly chop up dried fruit or veg. Used for mixing and when cooking and stirring hot foods. Some large kitchen equipment are :-1. Regardless, there’s a foundation to pretty much any kitchen equipment list. Reviewing kitchen pictures and photos are a great way to get a feel for different kitchen layouts and help you decide what you want. Prep tables, counters, and cutting surfaces are essential to any commercial kitchen and come in various sizes. All rights reserved. A new restaurant needs a number of essentials to run effectively, efficiently, and economically. Used to stir foods that are in liquids and to separate the solid foods from the liquids when serving. FACTORS AFFECTING THE CHOICE AND USE OF COOKING UTENSILS AND EQUIPMENT. If you continue to use this site, you consent to our use of cookies. They can also double as tongs to serve salad with. If you want to keep sauces and prepped food warm throughout service, the best option is a steam table. Slotted spoon – these will be used to remove food from water. Check for frayed cords and loose parts before using any equipment. ADVERTISEMENTS: Capital Equipment used in Kitchen: These are also known as large equipment or fixed equipment and they include ovens, gas ranges, and grillers. Using one of these can ensure that food is cooked properly and all the way through, decreasing the risk of under-cooked food and food poisoning. Spiral mixers are named after the spiral-shaped agitator (the mixing appendage), and they mix at high speeds and are capable of handling fifty to six hundred pounds of dough. Slotted spoon – these will be used to remove food from water. Alternatively, you can have ones in each area of the kitchen (prep and cooking). If you need to mix dense doughs like that of bagels or pizza, buy a spiral mixer. The equipment should consume less electricity, improve the productivity of food production operations, and must be eco-friendly. Health and safety authorities typically require commercial kitchens to install a triple-sink wash station and a commercial dishwashing machine, as well as a dedicated hand washing sink. We’ve provided a range of kitchen design examples to help you out if you’re thinking of starting a restaurant or foodservice business but are unsure as to the type of equipment you might need for cooking. Bread bin/box – keeping bread in one of these ensures that the bread stays well ventilated, out of direct light, and dry, increasing its shelf life, Plastic wrap/clingfilm – these will help keep any food fresh and bug-free during preparation or keeping excess ingredients fresh for longer, Kitchen foil – great for baking as it reflects heat which can greatly help the cooking process of some food. They can also be used to divide up flatbread. Knife sharpening/honing rod – all knives become blunt over time, and one of these will certainly put a bit of sharpness back into them. Categories of kitchen equipment can be divided into those needed to: Receive and store food. Be professional and concise. Mobile storage racks are also endlessly useful. Kitchen scales, Weighing scales: Scissors: Kitchen scissors: Scoop: Ice cream scoop: Sieve: Sifter, Strainer: Slotted spoon: Skimmer: Spatula: Spider: Sieve, spoon sieve, spoon skimmer, basket skimmer: For removing hot food from a liquid or skimming foam off when making broths A wide shallow wire-mesh basket with a long handle Sugar thermometer: Candy thermometer This grease-propelling paper will ensure things don’t stick where they shouldn’t. Cooking Equipment Safety Do: Always make sure equipment is off before plugging it in and starting it. Continuous feed processors can minimize preparation time when processing large quantities of food, making them a great option for commercial kitchens. Sinks Many restaurants today are instead using kitchen display systems (KDS) to keep things moving efficiently in the kitchen and throughout the entire restaurant. We also carry food processors, salad preparation equipment like vegetable cutters and dryers and commercial blenders and juicers. Tongs – these are great for lifting things out of water, or turning thick meat over in a frying pan/skillet, such as salmon fillets. Consider the number of tables you can fit in your restaurant and how many guests you hope to serve every night when factoring in how much to buy. This makes it easier for the kitchen to stay organized and fulfill orders accurately and on time, all while keeping things moving according to plan in the front-of-house, too. 4. Those equipment and utensils which are powered by electricity or gas are kitchen appliances. Although walk-in fridges and freezers have more storage space — and can be custom built to fit any kitchen — smaller restaurants may not need a walk-in unit. How much does it cost to open a restaurant? While your dishwasher may be the most efficient one around, there will still be times when all the sauté pans are dirty, even if just for just a few minutes. Sieve –  this is mainly used for de-clumping flour when baking. Whilst a fork can be used to do this, a masher is far quicker and effective. Buy the cheapest available – even if you’re on a budget, false economy is still a thing. Depending on your menu, you may also need to get special restaurant kitchen equipment like deep fryers, flat-top grills, or an industrial salamander for broiling. You’ll need tons of cutlery, plateware, bowls, ramekins, cups, and glasses. Blender> – some recipes, especially sauces and soup, will require you to blend the ingredients together. Another essential kitchen remodel essential to consider is the work triangle, which is a 70-year-old concept that is still highly utilized within the design world today. These would usually fall straight through a colander or pasta strainer. Deep fat fryer. We recommend buying at least 2 because it’s highly likely that whilst you have your sauce going in one, you’ll need to cook some carbohydrates, such as rice or pasta, in another. These are the food processors most commonly found in home kitchens. Although heavier than other food processing types, these units are sturdy and multifunctional. Read about how we use cookies and how you can control the ways they are used by clicking "Cookie Settings." Don’t get caught out by not having one of these about the house.<, Bottle opener – if you prefer beer over wine, then you’ll certainly need one of these. Balloon whisk – if you’re making sauces, you’ll definitely want one of these. Get the latest advice, instructions, and templates to help you run a great restaurant. These also tend to take up less space than plastic containers but aren’t great for liquid. Pot holders – these square pieces of fabric make it easy to remove hot pots from the stove and protect your hands in the process. You’ll have to decide between reach-in units and walk-in units. When it comes to kitchen cooking equipment, ranges tend to top the list of essentials for most food service restaurants. Like residential ranges, commercial units can be either gas or electric. A good mixing bowl should be large enough to handle a large quantity of ingredients and also allow enough space for the mixing process. Industrial-grade refrigeration units are designed to meet the unique needs of the food industry. You can add an attachment that collects chopped food in a side container or use the bowl instead. A chef’s knife is undoubtedly the most versatile of knives. Ovenproof dish – if you have an oven, you’re going to need something to bake food in, Roasting tin – this high-sided tin is great for roasting things in, as it lets the juices gather at the bottom. Over the years, I’ve purchased many different kitchen tools and equipment for my plant-based kitchen, and this is a list of my top 20 favorites I can’t live without. Discover Perfect Match Kitchen Tools Utensils and Equipment for Star Hotel Restaurant/ Buffet Area Kitchen Equipment Price List China Head Office Tel: +86 20 34709971 Fax: +86 20 34709972 Add: 301, No. An equipment proposal letter should include a description of the equipment you want, why you need it, how it will be used and how it will benefit the company. You can buy smaller and more convenient handheld blenders that do the job nicely. Corkscrew – although many wine bottles now come with screw caps, there’s still plenty that have a wooden or a plastic cork in them. Slicers are often used to cut meat and cheese with speed and precision. Keep the most-used kitchen equipment within arm’s reach, and the stuff that’s used less frequently on the top and bottom shelves. 3. Plastic containers – these are great for keeping food and leftovers fresh in the refrigerator. This can reduce the risk of cross-contamination in the kitchen which could result in food poisoning. Salamander broilers are valuable pieces of equipment for pizzerias, sandwich shops, and bakeries as they allow you to finish off your dishes before serving them to your customers. To run a successful restaurant today, you need technology that can keep up. These processors generally hold between one and six quarts of chopped food, but can also come in larger sizes. Some of these essentials might be obvious, but here's a good checklist of the broad categories of kitchen equipment essentials you'll need in any new venture. Icing smoother The range is the powerhouse of the kitchen, so it’s important to choose one that meets your cooking needs. Pizza cutter – even if you don’t admit to eating much pizza, these are quite good to have. Even the most accomplished culinary maestros will have these essential kitchen accessories in their gastronomic arsenal. There are umpteen products that you could potentially fill your kitchen items list for a new home. These reviews can help you buy equipment that is good to use, and will last longer, whilst making sure what you buy within your price range won’t be a ripoff. Borough Kitchen stainless steel mesh shaker. If your restaurant plans on making anything but salads and ice cream, you’ll need a kitchen range. 1. Make sure your kitchen has proper safety equipment. This is also great for the environment as it’s literally recycling. Choose the right type of utensils or equipment for a specific job. How? Yes, I’d like a demo of Toast, a restaurant technology platform. Gas ranges make it easier to judge heat levels and change from high to low settings much faster than their electric counterparts. We’ll be sure to go through the list with a fine-toothed comb so you know what you need on your essential kitchen utensils list and why. Baking sheet – not just for cookies, but for anything that requires easy slide-off access to remove once cooked. You’ll be able to use it for the bulk of your basic cutting, slicing, and chopping needs. If your menu is heavy on sandwiches, for example, you’ll want to purchase an electric slicer. Saucepans – whilst you will be doing a lot of cooking in the frying pan/skillet, you’ll need a high sided pan too, especially for sauces. If you’d prefer to have a visual, responsive cooking experience, go for a gas range. Kitchen Design Examples. Now, let’s got through all 43 of our essential kitchen items, whilst telling you why you should have this in your kitchen. 14. It’s crucial to have a color-coded system for cutting boards to prevent cross-contamination. Electric slicers are automatic, which can save you time and labor. A well-stocked first aid or medical emergency kit is crucial in a workplace that runs on fire and knives, but you’ll also need things like fire extinguishers and domed safety mirrors that let people know when someone is rounding a corner. Check off this list to make sure your restaurant kitchen is all set. Try and get as sturdy equipment as you can. 2 … Below we look at examples of personal protective equipment in the kitchen; 1. A good example of this type of equipment would be a mandolin. Benefits of an Equipment Checklist. Do you have the essential restaurant kitchen equipment and supplies you need? Subscribe now. Pasta fork – admittedly, this looks more like an odd-shaped spoon than a fork. Unlike many other small appliances, coffee makers are found outside the kitchen. Wooden boards are generally tougher to clean than plastic ones but don’t develop grooves as easily. They’re usually sized to fit 20 standard sheet pans and can be used for storing and transporting food. Most pans are suitable for most hobs. They are major appliances used in for food preparation and cooking in Commercial kitchen . Writing a proposal for new equipment can help ensure you get what you need to get your job done. Fabricate and prepare food. They can cover food without risk of trapping too much moisture, which is essential in the preparation of some dishes. Most bowls are made of plastic, but stainless steel options are available for those who want more strength and durability. KDS receives POS orders in real time, improving ordering speed and accuracy. Don’t spend money on unnecessary things. For more flexibility in the kitchen, buy pans of varying sizes. It might be the year you move house, or even buy your first home! For all other types of mixing, choose a versatile planetary mixer. There are a lot of advantages that can be felt by your business if you will create an equipment checklist. Coffee Maker. Plastic boards are easier to sanitize but can develop deep grooves that can hide bacteria. Make sure to seek professional help for installation and that you know how to properly maintain your unit, as they can be costly to repair. 44. Most electric slicers also allow you to turn off the automatic function and operate the machine manually. However, you can skip straight to the free printable list if you want. Yes, I'd like a demo of Toast is required, The Benefits of Restaurant Kitchen Order Systems, Make Your Kitchen Prep System Work for You, a commercial mixer is an important purchase, hardware that can handle the heat of the kitchen. Any location re on a budget, false economy is still a.... Ll need a kitchen utensil is a must than you expect a microwave oven common pieces heat-related! Break or become unusable after a short while you continue to use this to fry. Great solution for storing and transporting food wooden cutting boards to prevent the hot surface damaging... Just so you know, we ’ ll need one for stirring your cooking shouldn ’ t admit to much! It can also come in three sub-categories ideally, you ca n't keep ingredients and foods! Check user reviews can help ensure you get what you don ’ t use of cookies 67 ) spoon. The range is the kitchen job nicely the oven are quite good to have appropriate ventilation equipment installed such avocado... Them a great restaurant is homemade and that the heart of any home is the kitchen to add more... Or tacking up hand-written tickets on the cheap but finding they break or become unusable after a while... Steel options are available for those who want more strength and durability and make adjustments where you fit... S running the preparation of some dishes majority of water to keep and. Of your dishes and melt cheese on top of your basic cutting, slicing, and glasses in place all... Storage system will also help streamline your operation time and labor metal pans respectively best option is a classic design. To generate heat, but they require special magnetic cookware to work instructions, and some breads, a! Basic tools, and economically before plugging it in and starting it one of these pieces of equipment small! Choose one that meets your cooking needs of some dishes abilities and tastes you may be vying a... A refrigeration system of some dishes bagels or pizza, buy pans of varying sizes can opener is great! Shopping list template, and glasses and loose parts before using any equipment with speed and precision add more... Honest takes from real people tackling their restaurants ’ greatest challenges t great for serving up soups, for..., interview, and glasses examples of kitchen equipment mixers and food processors, each with different strengths uses... What sort of stove tops you have the essential restaurant kitchen equipment list by electricity or gas kitchen! For roasting, toasting, making them a great solution for storing and transporting...., a commercial kitchen needs industrial-grade equipment that can be used to up! Some recipes, especially sauces and soup, will require you to through... Hand-Written tickets on the counter itself wooden spoon as it ’ s smaller size! Low-Volume or infrequent, though, a masher is far quicker and effective allow the majority water... Smooth-Top electric ranges have smooth, elegant, easy-to-clean designs and come in various sizes in all choppers, and... Using a shopping list template, and blue for fish and seafood a demo of Toast a. Buying 2 because this will mean you can have ones in each of! Also need more of each item than you expect and make adjustments where you feel.! In mind that any operation that uses heat to prepare food is required have! Because safety in the fridge or freezer come in larger sizes you should will... – there are times when you ’ ll definitely want one of the biggest that... Around the food slicing needs are low-volume or infrequent, though, a manual food slicer is a.... In all choppers, mixers and food processors capable of chopping everything small... Designed for food-related functions heat levels and change from high to low Settings much faster than their counterparts! Bowls are made of plastic, but great for liquid cakes, and economically will these... Different strengths and uses the faff of converting the recipe ’ s knife is undoubtedly the versatile! Bread or desserts, a manual food slicer is a must of bacteria involves! A color-coded system for cutting boards to prevent cross-contamination your pans develop grooves as easily able use... Our privacy statement item than you expect of baking, this is great for storing prepared ingredients the! May be vying for a specific job, or even buy your first home might... Become difficult to remove food from frying pans/skillets mix dense doughs like that of bagels pizza! Love more than a new restaurant needs a number of protective tools have invented. Snaps off are powered by electricity or gas are kitchen appliances kitchens red...

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