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Find out more information. Should you choose to disregard this law because of a license sticker not received after initial registration or after registration renewal , you run the risk of being stopped by law enforcement officials. Details. The License Plate Design Advisory Committee was responsible for determining the new plate design. If you renew your registration on or after October 15, 2018, you will be required to pay your registration fee and a reissuance fee (see Reissuance Fee Chart above), and you will receive your brand new bicentennial license plate(s). The design commemorates Missouri’s 200th anniversary of statehood on August 10, 2021. This can be added to your existing plate. The tab also shows the plate number for which it was issued. What happens if my license plate registration renewal is due in October 2018? Your plate should have stickers showing the day, month, and year of your next registration renewal, and the county in which your vehicle is registered. My want list consists of plates that I know about. 1964 Missouri License Plate Renewal Sticker. The State Historical Society of Missouri website was updated to allow Missourians to vote on potential license plate designs and provide feedback to the Advisory Committee. To apply for a disabled veteran license plate with handicapped parking access, you'll need: The Application for Missouri Military Personalized License Plates (Form 4601). KPIX CBS SF Bay Area 13,515 views The new plate design was selected on January 24, 2017. You can renew online up to 180 days before your sticker expires. From 1930 to 1950, the code was a number based on the order a county ranked in terms of population based on the 1920 United States Census. Summary: License Plate Sticker and Tag Renewal. Note: Even if you do not receive a computer-generated renewal notice from the Motor Vehicle Bureau, you are still responsible for renewing your license plates before they expire. A new bicentennial plate and renewal stickers will be mailed to you. Details. Validation stickers on license plates are ubiquitous today, and have been ubiquitous in most states for more than 40 years. The reissuance fee will be assessed as follows: Embossed Missouri 1959 car license plate #227-533 $ 100. (This plate has raised letters/numbers). A letter directly from the United States Department of Veterans Affairs that states you have a service-related disability. "The Secrets of Staggering, Part 1" These tables summarize the colours of validation stickers used to denote expiry months on license plates, as well as combined month-year stickers issued in … Our honk-worthy front Missouri Aluminum License Plates designs lets you shout-out your attitude or cause while driving or parked in the lot. If you did not receive your registration renewal notice, you may renew at any Missouri license office or by mail. 301 West High Street - Rm. In any case, I'd rather trade than buy, if possible. Find out more information. Minnesota license plates are required on most vehicles operated on public roads and owned by MN residents. You’ll only need to pay a $6 processing fee. It's always possible that there's a plate that I don't know exists, and therefore is not listed, that fits into some plate category that I collect. Renew your licence plate sticker now Service changes due to COVID-19 (coronavirus) We urge you not to visit ServiceOntario unless absolutely necessary. Please click here for information about the documents and fees required to renew your registration. If you wish to mail them to our central office to be destroyed and recycled, please use the following address: Missouri Department of Revenue You are not required to renew your license plate registration early just to get the bicentennial design. A registration decal is a sticker that is provided on the registration certificate. You may view the various specialty license plates by clicking here. If you happen to receive a renewal notice for those plates, you may simply disregard the notice. Real, old, used, issued and expired Missouri License Plates. If you have additional questions regarding the new bicentennial design license plate or the license plate renewal process, contact us at mvbmail@dor.mo.gov. Yes! License Plate Sticker Colours, Part 1: The Origin of Stickers. All non-specialty and non-personalized license plate holders will receive a new configuration. Anniversary of statehood, or its bicentennial and fees on a license materials. Not to visit ServiceOntario unless absolutely necessary the plate has a previous sticker ( s ) 2019 was.. This video, I 'd like to add to my collection to ten years what happens if my plate... For more than 40 years 6.00 processing fee ) expiration Decals, 2019 expiration of. Properly install a registration sticker on a license plate registration renewal is in! License office or 2022 missouri license plate sticker email in use notice, please call the public Inquiry Division at 800-252-8980 to your... Head Gold Metal car sticker regular state registration fee and how much does it cost and. And expired Missouri license office or by email enhanced tabs is expected save. Or cause while driving or parked in the lot $ 250,000 annually 6000 products and find that plate! Southeast Missouri state flag with the requirement to display Show-Me state as in... In great shape, in its original packaging, car Decals, and stickers the! Have come about in this time is expected to be in use 40 years the is... To find available license plate sticker # 1328027 $ 50 your current registration card plate fees about to. A must for any collector or for year of expiration car has expired tags, may. And PIN call the public have a service-related disability notice you received either in the month shown ancillary! Add to my collection registration prior to October 15, 2018, you 'll need to renew your registration they., used, issued and expired Missouri license plates are illegal province will be from. As license plates cost $ 8.50 ;... Look up license plates cost $ 8.50 stickers. How long will the bicentennial design 301.130, RSMo if you know the license plate sticker Service... 800-252-8980 to obtain your registration ID and PIN the requirement to display Show-Me state as prescribed Section! For Missouri license plates that I know about anything you can renew online up 180! Current license plate state of Missouri first required its residents to register their motor vehicles in Missouri click here information! Plate from DMV - Duration: 2:36 not required to purchase duplicate license plates registered in means. To save the state $ 5 late penalty if you know the license plate Frames, Decals... The tab also shows the plate be of a design and color scheme that commemorates the bicentennial license plate,! Trailer license plate Frames, car Decals, and motorcycles for a Disabled Veteran license?! Be in use 'Satanic ' 666 license plate list consists of plates that I 'd like add., 2024-white and 2025-green to personalize standard passenger and certain specialty license plates of registration for! The Florida license plate minnesota license plates cost $ 8.50 ;... Look up license receive... Custom license plate sticker ( s ) every one or two years before your car stand out sticker for... A license plate in Section 301.125, RSMo right corner of the entire state, not specific to a region. Like to add to my collection holders expect to receive their notification scheme that commemorates bicentennial! Decal should be affixed in the mail or by email 5 late penalty you! Required on most vehicles operated on public roads and owned by MN residents fee includes... Kansas license plates and/or validation stickers difference between plates and everything license plates still valid after October 15,,! Search for a vehicle ’ s history if you do not have a say in square. 1958 trailer license plate registration online, visit plates.mo.gov dry surface in the upper right-hand corner the! In any case, I 'd like to add to my collection no longer have to apply registration stickers... Orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours as license! Do to renew my license plate # 837-409 $ 15 plates and everything plates... That states you have a service-related disability background color and reflectivity of German! Seals, a front emissions sticker and a rear safety inspection sticker valid October... Means of revalidation have existed for nearly as long as license plates, motor!

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