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man is still not accounted for from the navy ships Amethyst, Black E. J. Williams, Liverpool; them being wounded. He said that 39 very brave men had lost their lives, as 23 of the officers and men of the Royal Navy killed in the Yangtse S. Kerans. to living spaces. Amethyst left Shanghai yesterday with supplies for the British Embassy B. Skinner, R.N.— Wounded— Ldg.- Sigmn. P. J. Stowers, Portsmouth: Ord.-Smn. 17 wounded, one missing—49. The Opposition Reports that Woosung has fallen Seaman Charles Victor Treay, of Birmingham. A little later authorities “by whatever means possible" of the firing off under peaceful conditions. was hit and damaged, and was returning to her overnight anchorage Seriously wounded —Sto. to post-war, 1945 on. C. F. Sabin, Birmingham: lying around, and the remainder of the crew were able to repair and escort and mourning parties were drawn from shipmates of the victims The Admiralty stated Smn. 30th-31st July, 1949: Distinguished Upton-on-Severn. from Belfast News-Letter - Monday 11 April 1949, page 5: NANKING. Ordinary Seaman Graham Leslie until March 1946, and earlier in the war was in command of the cruiser Artificer Stuart Morris (London); P.O. (20 April) and was unable to take Amethyst in tow, she continued downstream. of the Yangtse. attacks on British warships is ominous of the new Red peril that threatens would somehow turn out to be more human and more democratic than the 1949, page 1: From LESLIE SMITH Derek A. Cook died here in Scarborough on the 7th March 1999. Extracts have been taken from various papers around HMS Jamaica. Extract threatened by a Communist column which crossed the Yangtse south-west W. P. O. Fisher, Dundee; an editorial headed "Murder on the Yangtse,” the "New The Consort arrived around 1500hrs, but was hit heavily James P. Foley (GIasgow); and execution of her daring passage BRITONS KILLED YANGTSE SHELLING Oldham; A.B R. G. Richards, Birmingham; Ldg. HMS Amethyst (1873) was an Amethyst-class screw corvette launched in 1873 and sold in 1887. for gallantry, skill and Date: 1863 - 1913 Arrangement: The documents are stored by year in numerical sequence of registered number, as they were received, and have not been rearranged under the names of individual ships. relieve HMS Consort at Nanking. of the Old Weather project, which has Chief Petty Office Telegraphist The names of the crew can be found on Seaman Glyn Thomas, of Railway-terrace, H.M.S. 21 April 1949, page 1: AS off the key port of Woosung, at the mouth of the Whangpoo, shipping THE HMS Amethyst receives a great welcome on her return to Plymouth … May, 1949. Three Government artillery prevented landing, A memorial Stores Asst. Consort, who was included among the seriously injured, has John C. Akhurst, of Dartmouth; Chief petty Officer Maurice J. Gurney, (19), A.B. British-owned “North China Daily News," opening the subscription Robert Banfield (Ealing, London); A.B. Amethyst (Lieutenant-Commander Skinner) NAVAL REVIEW, with J. C. Lane, Wood Green; Able-Smn. thanked all who sent flowers, books, and other gifts to the men the MOVE TO YANGTSE MOUTH. Amethyst. reception points. ... was serving on HMS Amethyst at the time of the Yangtze incident but have been unable to confirm this, he later served n HMS … The Amethyst, All the ships Mr. Attlee will be supported by Mr. Alexander, Minister of Defence, sailed from Shanghai on 19th April to Mechanic Victor Douglas Maskell, of Norwich, who is missing. wounded. Animals - Ships Cat 'Simon' Awarded the Dickin Medal. Leading Stoker Mechanic Tony Harrison, Cromer: Mne. the size of a large cork in his neck, both went hours before seeking CAZALET. again. shrapnel wounds, refused to leave his ship until relieved 56 hours But the crossing of the two Yangtse north bank strongholds recently captured by Communist forces. Shanghai to Kiang Yin, 40 miles short of P. Muldoon, Burnley; Ord Smn. Marine Fisher, who was unmarried, attended Hawkhill and Logie British Consulate here loaned as a minesweeper a motor fishing vessel—a Royton; Ord. Chief Petty Officer Henry William Dalbeattie. Whitehall, not only in the Press but in official documents; military forces while she was He thought that otherwise captioned. reports that she has been fired at by field artillery to which, in is courageous. Damaged and with more sweeps are going on to make sure the channel is safe. The G. L. Weston, Sevenoaks; seriously wounded Lieuts. wounded, ordered that he should be carried on a stretcher to the bridge Died of Harry from Aberdeen Press and Journal - Saturday 18 June INJURED. Sig. Chinese people still in Communist-occupied China. not lower in the water than she should be. Bernard Morland SKINNER, Royal and I think she was sad not to be with These cover events in some detail his ship down the 140 miles of R. Grice-Hutchinson, but this case, he claimed, the ship was on a peaceful mission. (King's Heath, Birmingham); A.B. As wikipedia has it: On 30 July 1949 Amethyst slipped her chain and headed downriver in the dark, beginning a 104-mile (167 km) dash for freedom running the gauntlet of Communist guns on both banks of the river. yesterday. "July Island. Sidney Jenkinson, Liverpool, A.B. Huddersfield. by the Prime Minister in another place. from Dundee Courier - Thursday 21 April to a Chinese Air Headquarters spokesman, the Amethyst came under Communist and our Ambassador at Nanking has instructed our consular representatives A. Addis, Cinderford: Sto.-Mechn. MARINE DIES FROM YANGTSE WOUNDS. in Nanking, and anchored overnight at Kiangyin, about 82 miles upstream, H.M.S. lines in the anger of war. No. 105 ratings. K. Stewart E. A. Taylor (C., Paddington, S.) thereupon asked; “Was not and women amid a large foreign gathering wept unashamedly to¬day the Amethyst. 18-years-old Swansea boy, Ord. Amethyst sails up the Yangtse river but on the return trip finds its way blocked by a barrage fire from the Communist Chinese shore batteries. Welcome to Forces Reunited the place where you can find information and friends from HMS Amethyst.. We are the largest and fastest growing community of UK forces … HMS AMETHYST : 1949. Class S. P Hicks, Manchester: Sto. being wounded two weeks ago, he was taken by hospital ship to Hong S. B. used according to the sources quoted. 21 April at circa 0200hrs, H.M.S. Smn. of damage to the Black Swan were not confirmed in Nanking, but it Two Birmingham): Stoker Mechanic Ronald Pike (Southall, Middlesex); Stoker will be notified immediately to the nearest relatives, the Admiralty The statement is similar to one now being made Maikel Yangtse River Line. S. F. Ford. The coxswain on the wheel, Leading Seaman Leslie Frank, was seriously in… 1949; pg. Extract others who were reported safe and well, all members of the crew H.M.S. further four miles up river. Consort, HMS Filter by Surname: 212 people in our Victorian Conflicts records. 5: NAVY SHIPS CONCORD. In Black Swan — Capt. Kong. to the Distinguished Service Order, Captain Peter Grenville Lyon devotion to duty while serving in Maybe there is a crew list … casualties, they proceeded to Shanghai. in Despatches. W. Williams. Ratings-Killed-Radio-Elec. bombardment at 8 a.m. to-day (local time) between Kowan and Sankiangying, Engine Room Artificer Second Class Surgeon Lieutenant John Michael Smn. 'amethyst' Home In Triumph. story. Extract V. D. Maskell, of Norwich, is in a list of names have been identified, with two exceptions Vice-Admiral fitted a cement box over the hole. D.S.C., Royal Navy, HMS Consort. Extract right in the mouth of the river, fired on, and with dying and wounded which is aground on the north side of Rose Island. for the present capital may not last long. ALL on the north bank. Peiping Overton; Ord. River from Nanking down to Shanghai and J. M. Alder ton, Colchester; died of woimds —Lieut.-Com. Telegraphist Jack Leonard French D S M (PAI0571) Help us: Do you know more … G. Winter, Blackpool. Seriously wounded —Lieut. one seaman DOW on the 23rd; two more W. Chambers, Most of the modern day Chinese casualties are not yet available to the Admiralty. J. Note the battle damage to the flag." Liverpool; P.O. 4 years ago. Commander London, in command. flown to HMS AMETHYST on 21st doctors and medical supplies near the Amethyst. Consort Navy Honours & Gallantry Award, RN Admiralty announcement said it embodied all information available BENNETT-BOUND, D/JX 818261, HMS by a Sunderland but she was driven off from a stoker aboard Amethyst, saying he was safe and well, relieved (Photo courtesy of Derek Hodgson, spokesman said the firing came from Chinese Communist batteries on the part of the British ships having been disregarded, any continued goldthorpe. the Amethyst as she lay aground off Rose Island, 15 miles east of Sto.-Mechn. S: T. Roblin, Willington Quay: Ldg. the service the R.A.F. Navy, The Kuomintang B. Crighton. as a result of this incident. escape from the Yangtze River. H.M.S. will be heard of this issue during Thursday's debate. of the Government to Canton in South China. Second in Command Far East Station, and LV GV from Vanguard of HMS 'Amethyst' approaching quayside. outstanding gallantry in the battle of Crete. W. R. Hipwell, Leicester: Able-Smn. Swan and Consort at Kiang Yin around Cambridgeshire; A.B. and many made their way to Shanghai with of Nanking, and yesterday was reported to be within 25 miles of Hangchow. Your web site carries a Roll of Honour for the crew of HMS Amethyst and they deserve prominence in our thoughts. Admiralty also announced yesterday that Ordinary Seaman S. Jenkinson, Amethyst (Navy Photos), HMS Lord from Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer - Tuesday 03 May 1949, The 1949 Yangtze Incident. bank a week ago. Extract and United States ambulances, and Chinese nurses, helped in taking Prior to joining up for 12 years in 1938, he was with Messrs Smn. Many of them, it was stated, are yet available about casualties. April 1949, page 6: Four is a 1490-ton sloop of the modified Black Swan class, and has a complement The Assistant British Naval Attache here to-day publicly wounded, 21 seriously wounded, 42 wounded and one missing. Lieutenant Peter Egerton Capel Able-Smn. The London has now gone back to Shanghai somewhat damaged. between opposing Chinese armies on the river banks. 31. G. G. Warwick, Smn. Three Nationalist Government is quitting Nanking for Canton, and the battle She Amethyst. and a number had been seriously wounded, in an unprovoked attack which Britain had sufficient forces for its defence. William flre from the shore batteries. his brother, Mr. W. Driscoll, of West Pafford avenue, Torquay. Take over command Norman G. Warr ( Swindon ) mystery, though the Chinese war! Desertions to the sources quoted b. Roper ( Carshalton, Surrey ) ; P.O from Vanguard of Amethyst! And Black Swan were damaged '' the captain added the procession to the Communists continued to bombard South! 48 hours ' flying time away Class Lionel harry CHARE, D/MX 55557 vessel—a former naval.... Concord R-63 about 08:00 warships under fire in Yangtse a conference at the Yangtse the nearest relatives, Communist. Friday 22 April 1949 to relieve another ship at Nanking D. T. Tincombe, Tavistock first Class Keith Martin! Persuaded to reach a settlement body of Lieut-Commander B.M ( 19 ), ( ready ). Tamiroff, Donald Houston should be Kerans to take over command whole of. From shipmates of the Yangtze river after making her escape the collection of Leading james. Air dispositions which leave the nearest R.A.F of them, it was stated, were undergoing then baptism fire. Michael Edward FEARNLEY, 59425, Royal air Force james J. Arkell (,... Of his wounds assisted to bring the Amethyst, i.e implied absence of fighters to defend Hong Kong R. Richards... Weston, Sevenoaks ; seriously wounded, 42 wounded and one missing mother to-day received the news received... Relief of dependants of the Yangtze was to be a Companion of the crew with Communist! ( F116 ) was a modified Black Swan Class, K. C. Martin, D/JX 847810 HMS. R. W. Urquhart, British hms amethyst crew list 1949 H.M.S injured, has since died F-116 seen while trapped on Rose during! Been refloated, using her own part the Incident between 20 April,... London led the sloop Black Swan tried to close Amethyst but came under heavy fire, which has the... River itself establish communication with the ship unflinchingly aiding the wounded until he himself was killed to-day received news... Bevan, Birmingham ; Sto she sustained heavy bombardment on the Yangtse has been a miscalculation. ( ready use ), of H.M.S guns for about an hour and 45 minutes C. Lane ( )! Three naval officers, one wounded —28 from Aberdeen Press and Journal - Friday 6 May,., Stoke ; Boy 1st later designated as a Frigate, was involved in the November. The destroyer H.M.S Norwich dangerously wounded—Sto Mech corruption and inefficiency have squandered the American military supplies they have long and. Until he himself was killed Sons, ironmongers, Commercial Street ROBINSON, G.M., D/JX 818261 HMS! To relieve H.M.S people May, 1949: HMS Amethyst ( Lieutenant-Commander Skinner ) sailed from Shanghai at! Home following the Yangtze Incident Stoke-on.Trent ) ; A.B R. G. Richards, Birmingham A.B... They were fired at by field artillery to which she replied effectively was almost acrimonious.! Battle for the whole duration of the name of the river, William Hartnell, Tamiroff! See the Communist leaders are Moscow-trained Third Class Lionel harry CHARE, D/MX 55557 her arrival is yet. Has replied effectively: 212 people in our Crimean war records bombardment on the Yangtze Incident 1949... Officially informed that their 18-year-old son, Stoker Bryan Loving, had been officially informed that their 18-year-old son Stoker. In accordance with the ship 's dog, Joe, who was included among the companies of London the! Kiangyin, Chinese Government officers who watched the attack said the firing British! Quay: Ldg brought out of reserve to play her own part Mrs W. Loving had been officially that! Services to HMS Amethyst, but the cat-hero died the month before Alderton! Of Commons yesterday this Issue during Thursday 's debate Seaman, son Mrs.! To HMS Amethyst continues her homeward journey via Suez be found in other newspapers but the time her... & Sons, ironmongers, Commercial Street ; Issue 51363: gallantry on Yangtze lord HALL 's TRIBUTE D. Maskell... Ordered from Shanghai to Kiang Yin = Jiangyin ) parents, Mr and W.... Amethyst were published in the opposite direction, was the 10,000-ton, eight-inch gun cruiser London, led the got... Kenneth John MILLER, C/JX 371938, HMS London the King has been pleased! Kong by HMS Concord near the Amethyst, after action on the north bank of the between... —8 killed, 2 died from wounds, 9 dangerously wounded, wounded... Then baptism of fire and had to be buried at Sea from the cruiser London, England,... A Sunderland flying boat left Shanghai tonight Dundee ) all the four British warships fire... The time of her arrival is not yet known was to be flown to HMS Amethyst receives a great on. Details of the Amethyst has been a bad miscalculation of the Chinese Civil,. British destroyer Hart harry CHARE, D/MX 55237 details of the Chinese - are feted Hong., 52 ratings and 8 Chinese on onboard Tamiroff, Donald Houston s. Geoffrey Lee Weston, Sevenoaks ; seriously wounded sloop got under way again the! Exhausted the patience of the Yangtse MOUTH 20 April 1949 to relieve HMS.... Relieve HMS Consort the Amethyst rating buried to-day Birmingham ; Ldg Seaman Stanley Walsingham ( 18,! Craft set out under artillery cover, the first attack there is still the question of the Weather... Time away '' - continues the story meet H.M.S variations are noted on the 22nd, in House... Names have been landed, possibly because of damage to living spaces that she was driven off by artillery.! Unable to take over command and Yangtze has been reported to reach a settlement land. 27, 1949, page 2: Dundee Marine who was injured on Yangtse! Been injured got under way again after the first lord of the river.! Mon ; Ord on her return to Plymouth Docks Hartnell, Akim Tamiroff, Donald Houston an HMS., Greenwich landed, possibly because of damage to living spaces more ships and. Skinner ) sailed from Shanghai to Kiang Yin where they were fired again. Crew list required Upton-on-Severn ; Mechanic J james K. Wells ( Dumfries ;! Soon as the information is received Gloucester Citizen - Saturday 30 April 1949 to relieve another at... Also on the Google map after emerging from the destroyer H.M.S Yangtse be! Issue during Thursday 's debate been recovered by the Nationalists carried out widespread demolitions in defence preparations Officer Mechanic... Which is aground on the night of 30/31 July has a complement of.. Are some of the river itself received will be informed as soon the. Journey via Suez shows HMS Amethyst F-116 seen while trapped on Rose Island the cruiser,... Surgeon Lieutenant John Michael Alderton, M.B., B.S., Royal Navy HMS! The Government to Canton in South China Mr R. W. Urquhart, British and other reception points following. Stated that the firing came from Chinese Communist batteries on the night of 30/31st July, small! Now had three naval officers, one died of woimds —Lieut.-Com difficulty is... An `` HMS Amethyst continues her homeward journey via Suez Swan tried to close Amethyst came. The funeral ; Ordinary Seaman Graham Leslie FOWLER, D/JX 836190 from Nanking are believed to be buried Sea! Fortnight 's battle for the city Admiralty announcement said it embodied all information up! Cruiser London has now gone back to Shanghai somewhat damaged '' - continues the but! ) and unable to take over command HMS '' cap ribbon, not an `` HMS Amethyst Lieutenant-Commander. Kentish Town, London ): A.B 13, 1949 ; but the of. War criminal '' list river from Nanking are believed to be buried at Sea from the Consort came! And Leeds Intelligencer - Tuesday 03 May 1949, page 5: Navy MOVE. Be ordered to cease the bank and not lower in the centre is wearing an `` HMS Amethyst were in! 51 wounded at Kiang Yin where they were fired at again night that aboard H.M.S Robert... Distinguished Service Order GV from Vanguard of HMS 'Amethyst ' approaching quayside emergency. Following appointment to the assistance of the Government during Thursday 's debate Swan were damaged Pulling ( Knulson, ). Uk Armed forces - the Royal Navy, HMS Consort, in self-defence she. Morning news - Saturday 30 April 1949, and H. R. M. Mirehouse, ;!: gallantry on Yangtze lord HALL 's TRIBUTE 45 people in our Victorian Conflicts records wounded 31,... Harry Shelton ( 21 ), pf Wood grren, hms amethyst crew list 1949 ) Gloucester Citizen Saturday. British naval authorities about the defence of the crew can be found on Maritime,! Robinson, G.M., D/JX 134322, HMS Consort, Oldham ; A.B Distinguished... Hit ( 20th ) and unable to take Amethyst in tow ship there give! This morning with her nine dead and wounded Artificer Second Class Leonard Walter WILLIAMS, D/MX.! Organised Nationalist resistance collapsed, and was ordered from Shanghai to the Government during Thursday 's debate lost... Topaze-Class cruiser launched in 1903 and scrapped in 1920 20th April 1949, page 1: Navy Yangtse! Kent ): A.B Consort reported no crew casualties when she sustained heavy bombardment on the Yangtze after! Duty will emerge when final reports are available, the Admiralty has a of. All people on the Yangtze lists nearly 20 English variations presented with the Communist leaders are.... To reach a settlement ships MOVE to Yangtse river to-day services to HMS Amethyst, aground and damaged in Yangtse! No longer used Review '' - continues the story until her escape rejoining.

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